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External Data Protection Officer

Let’s talk about the position of the data protection officer!

You can do a lot yourselves, but doing things yourselves does not always make sense.

We will first help you to determine whether you need to appoint a data protection officer in accordance with Art. 37 GDPR or applicable national law. Then, the question arises whether you have this task performed internally or externally.

The topic of data protection is a vast field and our team has several lawyers who are also certified data protection officers, have extensive experience in advising smaller companies through to global corporations and constantly keep an eye on current developments. The role of the data protection officer requires that it is performed carefully and competently. Does it really make sense for your company that you assign a person who only builds up and maintains the necessary knowledge for your company – as a one-off, so to speak?

Or does it make more sense for you to appoint an external data protection officer who or who do this constantly and can draw on practical experience from other companies and industries?

In addition, there are no bottlenecks in the event of illness or vacation, as a team is available here that ensures regular availability and also – for larger projects and changes – can also do more work than one person.

We offer support on fair terms. You pay us a basic fee, depending on the size of the company, which starts at EUR 250 plus VAT, if applicable, for a single company and then also bill the costs incurred.

We can either include an expected hourly contingent with a reduced hourly rate, which we can adjust periodically to your needs, or you do not book a contingent and only pay the effort. We would be happy to make you an offer that is tailored to your company or group of companies.

We can do more for you!

If you wish, we can also talk about helping you to become compliant with GDPR and with incident response, for example. Learn more about our consultancy approach at 


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