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Data Protection Law
Our consulting approach to GDPR

Due to new laws, regulations, and European requirements, over time, data protection regulations are becoming increasingly complex and opaque. We monitor the current legal situation and jurisdiction for you and always adapt your projects or contracts to the data protection requirements.

Data protection advice
As soon as your company processes personal data of customers, end customers or employees, you must observe the regulations and requirements of data protection law. In this respect, the data protection law applies to all industries and independent of the company’s own core activities every company operating on the European market. In order to avoid fines, claims for damages and damage to your image, we advise companies from Germany and abroad on all questions of German and European data protection law.

External data protection officer
We not only advise you selectively in clarifying complex legal issues, but also accompany your business operations in the long term in order to maintain the achieved level of data protection. We are also happy to act as the external data protection officer for individual companies or entire groups of companies.

Data trustee service
Our lawyers are also available to you as data trustees. In that case we act as intermediaries between you and another company or the data subject affected by the processing. We perform the pseudonymization and anonymization of your data. The data trustee service ensures that your opponent only receives the information and data that is actually necessary and can never have a personal reference.

EU representative
Pursuant to Art. 27 GDPR, undertakings which are not established in the EU but nevertheless offer goods or services in the EU or observe the conduct of persons in the EU must appoint a representative in the EU. We are available as your representative in the EU. In this function, we serve in particular as your contact for all questions from supervisory authorities or data subjects in connection with data processing. Of course, we will also be happy to help you answer and process any inquiries.

Data protection and document management
The GDPR requires companies to comply with “technical and organizational measures” (cf. Art. 5(1)(b), 25 GDPR) in order to protect personal data from unlawful processing, unlawful access, damage, or loss.

Our lawyers will review your existing document management system regarding GDPR compliance and, if necessary, adapt it to the applicable data protection rules and requirements. Moreover, we can help you to set up a new document management system that complies with data protection regulations.


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GDPR stands for: General Data Protection Regulation and refers to the basic data protection regulation which has been directly applicable in all EU member states since 25.05.2018. We would like to briefly highlight the essential aspects of the new regulations for you and present our consulting approach.